Frank Klohr  -  MBA + PM (Sen) + 6Sigma (Black Belt)

One market. One strategy. One outcome.

And one partner to connect them all.

You can bank on our expertise

With a breadth of experience, we are providing a consistent track record in addressing entrepreneurial challenges encountered by small-medium sized machinery manufacturers in Asian and EMEA markets. We have proven success and the solid know-how to apply appropriate measures that effectively and efficiently resolve such issues.


Welcome to Asia BIZ

"The risk of not being in the Asia-Pacific region outweighs the risk of being there."   (Heinrich von Pierer)

Asia - home of the world’s most dynamic economies

Ever increasing numbers of German machinery manufacturers are investing in this rapidly growing economic region - to either serve that market or utilize it as a cost-effective production site.

Many questions – and the right answers

Are you at this juncture? Is your company already in the Asia Pacific/EMEA region?
In any case, you will have many questions, and answers to these demand specific regional expertise:
  1. What factors are decisive for penetrating the market?
  2. What actions must one undertake locally to optimize processes and business results?
  3. What defines a promising strategy for expansion in conjunction with local partners?

We’ve got the answers to these questions.

Your possibilities are multifaceted – just like our support

Start ups or reorganization of subsidiaries - marketing concepts and execution - establishing and integrating JVs – turnarounds and process optimization. We have solid experience in these fields.

We combine our innate and mature intercultural understanding with comprehensive functional and sector-specific know-how, and supplement this with our extensive experience in running international subsidiaries to make the right decisions in APAC and EMEA. We can help you minimize your entrepreneurial risk over the long-term.